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Trigeminal nerve facial nerve watch online

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The mandibular nerve V3 carries sensory information from the lower lip, the lower teeth and gums, the chin and jaw except the angle of the jaw, which is supplied by C2-C3parts of the external ear and parts of the meninges.

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When body parts are drawn in proportion to the density of their innervation, the result is a "little man":

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Information from the neck and the back of the head is represented in the cervical cord, and that from the face and mouth in the spinal trigeminal nucleus.

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Information from one side of the body is generally represented on the opposite side in SI, but on both sides in SII.

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The parts of the trigeminal nucleus receive different types of sensory Trigeminal nerve facial nerve the spinal trigeminal nucleus receives pain-temperature fibers, the principal sensory nucleus receives touch-position fibers and the mesencephalic nucleus receives proprioceptor and mechanoreceptor fibers from the jaws and teeth.

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Summary[ edit ] Trigeminal nerve facial nerve complex processing of pain-temperature information in the thalamus and cerebral cortex as opposed to the relatively simple, straightforward processing of touch-position information reflects a phylogenetically older, more primitive sensory system.

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For example, cells in the main trigeminal nucleus Main V in the diagram below receive input from the reticular formation and cerebral cortex.

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The secondary neurons in each pathway decussate cross the spinal cord or brainstembecause the spinal cord develops in segments.

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Trigeminal nerve facial nerve that can
Trigeminal nerve facial nerve